Landing Of Columbus At Guanahani (Bahama Islands) Oct. 12, 1492, New York Public Library Digital Collections.

The Bahamas – Four African Brothers Accompany Christopher Columbus On His First Voyage

The African Niño Brothers – Pedro Alonso, Francisco, Juan and Bartolomé were a family of sailors from the town of Moguer (in Huelva, Andalusia, Spain).

They were part of the team which successfully led Columbus’ first voyage that landed in the Bahamian Islands, likely the island of San Salvador.

The four Moranos Niño brothers were already sailors with prestige and experience in Atlantic journeys before playing a distinguished part in Columbus’s first voyage to the New World.

Pedro Alonso Niño was the pilot of the Santa Maria, Juan Niño was the master and owner of La Niña, and it is believed that Francisco Niño was a sailor on La Niña. All the brothers were important members of the expedition and Columbus’ discovery of the New World.


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