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Plantation life in Brazil. Photo Credit: © New York Public Library Digital Collections.

Brazil – Beginning Of The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

During the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, Brazil received more enslaved Africans than any other country, an estimated 4.9 million people. The earliest records of African enslaved people being brought to Brazil began in 1501 and did not end until 1888. Enslaved people drove the growth of the sugar economy in Brazil.. Read More…

"A chart of the Iland of HISPANIOLA with the windward passage from Jamaica between the East end of Cuba and the west end of Hispaniola" New York Public Library Digital Collections.

Dominican Republic – From Africa to Hispaniola

Documentary evidence of skeletal remains from La Isabela, Hispaniola (modern day Dominican Republic) – the settlement established after Columbus’ second voyage – indicates that the accompanying crew likely included a few individuals who were African. This DNA analysis of excavated human bones suggests that Africans crossed the Atlantic much earlier.. Read More…