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History Of Black Travel

Created by the Black Travel Alliance in partnership with Tourism RESET to uncover and amplify leisure developments of the African diaspora globally!

History of Black Travel

Black travel through the centuries

Black people have been traveling the globe for exploration and leisure for centuries. Yet, most people are unfamiliar with the early explorers and groundbreakers. This is due to the lack of documentation and written records of these major milestone events. Consequently, most stories about Black people traveling to explore or for leisure were passed down primarily through word of mouth or oral histories for generations.

Even with documented evidence, many of these stories have been left out of history books and museums. Thus, the History Of Black Travel was created by the Black Travel Alliance in partnership with Tourism RESET to uncover, amplify and educate the public about Black travel explorers and groundbreakers, major migration movements and leisure travel developments of the African diaspora globally. 

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Learn about Black travel explorers, groundbreakers and leisure travel developments of the Africa diaspora globally.

Major Categories

The History Of Black Travel timeline entries are grouped into twelve categories including Ally, Accommodations, Explorers, Government, GroundBreakers, Leisure (Culture, Events, Outdoors, Food & Drink, Retail, Wellness,) Migration, Organizations, Publishing, Slavery, Television, Transportation.  Below are links to four of the major categories.

Black-owned guest houses, motels, hotels, and resorts; often the first in a particular city state, or country.

A Black person, often the first or one of the first to achieve a major milestone that required a massive undertaking.

Well known figures (politicians, actors, artists, etc.) that have traveled somewhere which then inspired Black travel.  

Developments by a Black person or company that has helped to inspire or progress Black travel. 

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